About Me

My name is Akilah, I am 23 years old, I was born and raised in Canada. I am a believer, a fashionista, and college student. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in January of 2015. After going through adversities and deception, Jesus intercepted and showed me the truth. My whole life I was looking for something that was right in front of me but I thought it was far fetch. My life in a quote before I came to Christ was “living for the moment.” Growing up I made some dumb choices and entertained foolishness. I learned from my mistakes, in fact if it was not for my mistakes I would not be the women I am today. My mistakes molded me into a warrior and a strong black woman. I will be transparent as possible to let people know that they are not alone through hardship.

I love love love fashion; I have always had an eye for fashion growing up. I remember when I was younger my mother would dress me in my brothers hand me downs. Even though it was boys clothes I would always make it work and make it look girly. Through that challenge I learned how to dress nice with little or nothing. I believe that fashion is a form of art and an expression. I legit wear what I want and whenever I want but of course modesty is key. One day I will feel like dressing all girly, another day chic and other days’ tomboy-ish. To be honest It depends on my mood.

I recently went back to school after dropping out of college, I decided to give school another try. CHILLLEEEEE, let me tell you it ain’t easy and to be honest I hate school with a passion but I do believe that education is important. I have a passion for law and to fight for people’s rights that do not know their rights.

On this blog, I will be posting: my spiritual journey, my fashion inspirations, and outfit of the day (OOTD).

Hope you enjoy this blog